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Re: Chem 1710

Postby Ron Robertson » Sat Aug 27, 2016 9:00 am

Great to hear from my campers - 2 pts if you post by the end of next week. Jennett, I'm so glad I could share something "significant" with you in class!
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Re: Chem 1710

Postby Alyssa Amann » Sun Aug 28, 2016 9:18 pm


This class seems like it will be fun. I can't wait to get start doing more lab activities!
Alyssa Amann
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Re: Chem 1710

Postby Ron Robertson » Mon Aug 29, 2016 6:14 am


Make sure to dress appropriately today - socks and shoes with legs covered to the knee. I will have safety glasses for you today and we will view the safety video. You can find the safety rules and video linked from our class home page -

There will be a quiz on everything we have covered so far in the course on Wednesday so make sure you know those "toothbrush numbers".
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Re: Chem 1710

Postby Jennett Sharratt » Sat Sep 10, 2016 9:41 am

Good luck on our first exam!
Jennett Sharratt
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Re: Chem 1710

Postby Ron Robertson » Sun Sep 11, 2016 5:27 pm

I just finished your Exam 1. Here are the freebies!

1. State Newton’s three laws of motion by using a complete sentence or sentences for each law. You may also use an equation, but identify each variable in the equation.

2. What is the unit of work in the SI system?

3. The weight of a 0.6 kg salami is about A. 0.06 N B. 6.0 N C. 600 N D. 60. N

4. A 300. kg bear grasping a vertical tree slides down at constant velocity. The friction force between the tree and the bear is A. more than 3000 N B. 30 N C. 300 N D. 3000 N

5. A 3,150 kg car traveling at 55.0 m/s slows to 20.0 m/s. Calculate the impulse that caused this.

. . . and lots of falling objects (including Bronco's skydiving and bungee jumping) and vector diagrams and conversions and . . .

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Re: Chem 1710

Postby Chelsie Goodwin » Thu Sep 15, 2016 4:29 pm


Do we have to get 100% on all of the extra credit assignments in order to get extra credit points?

Chelsie Goodwin
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Re: Chem 1710

Postby Ron Robertson » Thu Sep 15, 2016 4:43 pm

No, not at all. You are assigned pts for every chapter based on how many you got correct.
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Postby Molly Shearon » Wed Sep 28, 2016 10:19 am

I do not see any notes for the abstract online. For our lab due today it states to write and abstract for the Speed of Sound Activity and to see the notes online. Can anyone tell me where to find that?
Molly Shearon
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Re: Chem 1710

Postby Ron Robertson » Fri Sep 30, 2016 2:24 pm

The Robertson Fall Fest (Fall 2016)

You are all invited to my home on Saturday afternoon, Oct. 15, 2016. Dinner is at 5 pm. This is my annual event for my church and work families and always includes my students. Bring the family and a friend.

Come earlier to go "creek stomping", hike over the farm and up to the family cemetery, "sit a spell" on the front porch, try out the 1890 Black Hawk corn sheller, play touch football, basketball, croquet, horseshoes, cornhole, see the original 1870 log home of my ancesters, etc. There will be a bonfire with a hayride after dark. We will supply food but if you want to bring something (no alcohol please) we will be honored to consume it!

Directions to the home of Ron and Patti Robertson from Clarksville

(This is only one of 7 different ways that you can get to my home.)

1. Take Highway 48/13 south off of Riverside Drive (follow signs to Charlotte and Dickson at this point)

2. Proceed on Highway 48/13 until you get to the fork for Highway 48 and Highway 13.

3. Turn right onto Highway 13 and proceed until you get to the intersection of Highway 235 (there is an old market building now used as a game/eatery place).

4. Turn left onto Highway 235 and proceed through the communities of Marion and Slayden until you get to the intersection of 235 with Highway 49.

5. Turn right onto Highway 49 (Jarman's market is at this intersection) and proceed until you intersect with Highway 46.

6. Turn left onto Highway 46 (there is the remains of a recently burned down market – Lucky’s) and travel about 3 miles until you come to Balthrop Branch Road.

7. Turn right onto Balthrop Branch Road (there is a sign that says "Houston County Beagle Club") and proceed for about 0.7 miles.

8. Turn right at the first driveway - 1215 Balthrop Branch Road. This driveway leads to our home. If you get lost you may need to stop and ask some of our friendly neighbors to call us (615-763-2146). We will come and get you! Your cell phone may not be usable for a good deal of the trip. Verizon users will need to activate advanced calling from their phones to use the Verizon (LTE only) tower that is close to the farm. From Austin Peay the total distance is about 35 miles.

If you need directions from Dickson, let me know.
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Re: Chem 1710

Postby Ron Robertson » Mon Oct 03, 2016 8:19 am

Exam 2

My apologies for the lateness. My internet was out yesterday afternoon and night and came back on sometime early this morning. Then I had a 2 hour Win 10 update!

Here they are - the freebies for Exam 2 - many of which you already know.

1. List the basic ideas of kinetic theory and answer the following question- "Imagine that you are a 5th grade teacher. How would you explain the structure of solids, liquids and gases to your class in terms of basic kinetic theory?"

2. Define temperature, thermal energy and heat.

3. The official unit of pressure in the SI system is the __________.

4. List 4 of the 6 types of simple machines in our notes. What do machines do?

5. A beam of light travels fastest in A. water B. plastic C. air D. glass E. Light travels the same in each of these

6. Sound travels faster in A. steel B. a vacuum C. water D. air E. Sound travels about the same speed in all of these

. . . and problems about heat and temperature and specific heat capacity, 2 matching exercises, ray diagrams to draw, essay questions to answer and much, much, more

This test is longer than Exam 1. It has 10 extra bonus points. You will be given a hour and 15 minutes with the exam being handed out promptly at 2:30.

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